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Are you a Woman With Confidence? #WWC

Are you a Woman With Confidence? #WWC

This Women’s Month has seen women from all walks of life and across all professions embrace and embody the essence of women empowerment. Through various initiatives, the leading message of ‘Moving our sisters forward’ has taken center stage.

One such initiative is the bold and courageous ‘Women With Confidence’ campaign rolled out by Elizabeth Arden Brand Ambassador and Celebrity Makeup Artist Gina Myers. Known for her inspiring essence, her motivating spirit and her humble approach to her craft, Gina challenged women across South Africa to lead with confidence.


Social Media this Women’s Month erupted with the campaigns hashtags #WomenWithConfidence #WWC which sparked our intrigue. We chatted to Gina to find out more about this innovative campaign.  Inspired by blogger Em Ford, who faced harsh critique for showcasing My Pale Skin: You look disgusting’ – a how-to guide on revealing yourself with and without makeup- the message of self-confidence struck with Gina, who herself continues to reiterate that message to her clients in her line of work.

She teamed up with local personalities Presenter Roxy Burger, Singer LeAnne Dlamini, Models Shashi Naidoo, Ayanda Thabethe and Safiyah Valley, to personalities Poppy Ntshongwana, Jay Anstey and more, and challenged these influential women, who are always seen on red carpets, in the spotlight and in magazines, to take a stand, to showcase their confidence by being photographed without any makeup on.


In an Elle Magazine exclusive, Gina highlights that she has worked in the beauty industry for many years now and has had her fair share of personal battles to fight, but she also witnessed first-hand, the battles many of her closest friends faced, when it came to confidence issues.  ‘Some of the most beautiful people in the world lack confidence to be who they truly are and love themselves unconditionally. In my field of work, I believe that make-up can bring out the best, and existing, qualities of a woman’s features.’

The aim of the campaign Gina says, is to change the mindsets of women in South Africa. ‘The moment we believe in ourselves,  in who and what we want to be, is the moment we bring our true happiness to fruition. My name is Gina Myers! And I challenge YOU, with and without make up, to be a Woman With Confidence.’

We encourage you, our sister to empower yourself, be self-confident, highlight your self-worth and not tear our fellow sisters down. We challenge you the women of South Africa to be a Woman With Confidence! If you would like to join in the campaign, stand up, be brave, be bold and put up your before and after images under the hashtag #WomanWithConfidence #WWC campaign! Happy Women’s Month Sisters!

Take a look at the Women With Confidence campaign photographed by Kevin Mark Pass.


LeAnne Dlamini


Poppy Ntshongwana


Natasha Thorp


Roxy Burger


Shashi Naidoo


Ayanda Thabethe


Chiano Sky


Safiyah Valley


Gaby-Lee Greenberg


Genna Cloud


Jay Anstey


Carmen Constantinides


Kim Myers

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