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What’s your scent?

What’s your scent?

What’s your signature scent guys?

It’s time to confess, just how much persuasion the power of a scent really has on us ladies…. be it as he walks by, when he steps into the boardroom, or when we linger just a second longer in that intoxicating embrace.. yes his scent does matter… a lot! Smelling good is just as important as looking good, and Stuttafords have just launched a brand new fragrance concept within their Sandton City store: The Men’s Fragrance Bar. With fragrances from floor to ceiling, all the iconic brands have come out to play.

Media Privé was invited to this scentful soiree recently, and we got a whiff of all the action. Take a look!

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Stuttafords Cosmetics Executive, Liz Ferret, says the idea behind the fragrance bar was to catapult men of all ages into a more groomed, self-pampering way of life. She added that most girls are made aware from a young age about grooming and all the elements it encompasses, whereas most boys… well… not so much.”

Owner and founder of 4ElementsMedia, Lorinda Voges adds that the new fragrance bar is another reason for men to stay extraordinary. “Stuttafords hopes to open more fragrance bars at a later stage, and will house quality international brands.” How scent-sational right?

“We live in an era where men nowadays take more care of themselves. Personally it is essential for a man to not only take care of his skin, but to dress well and smell delicious too!! It is the overall package that ultimately makes a man the perfect gentlemen. A man can be naked but if he smells nice- he is dressed in something special for me!” exclaims Voges. She even joked saying that when she thinks about her perfume collection, she counts up to 30 different fragrances, whereas as her partner in comparison has about three fragrances- seems like that’s all about to change for men!”

Lorinda Voges

Lorinda Voges and Sasha Martinengo

Fashion designer Ryan Keys of Keys Fashion shared his Top 5 Male Cologne brands with us. “Tom Ford, Issey Miyake, Gucci, BVLGARI and Calvin Klein really know how to make male scents work.”

MorWick Pietersen of Fahion Lab Africa and fashion designer Ryan Keys

MorWick Pietersen of Fahion Lab Africa and fashion designer Ryan Keys

Krishen Samuel from SA’s TrendMen Alan and Krishen, said his signature scent is Prada Fragrance for Men, (The Original Scent). “I tend to use more subtle day fragrances and then opt for more aromatic scents for evening. A scent is part of the whole package, a man needs to integrate Fragrance into his overall style!”

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TrendMen: Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel

MC Jen Su and Liz Perret Cosmetics Executive @ Stuttafords

MC Jen Su and Liz Perret Cosmetics Executive @ Stuttafords


Jay Anstey , Ryan Hignett, Jen Su, Alexander ‘Dr Smile’ RaWhani and Miss SA Liesl Laurie


Sasha Martinengo finds his signature scent

Visit the Mens’ Fragrance Bar at Stuttafords Sandton City to find your signature scent!

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