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Meet Madame Macaron SA

Meet Madame Macaron SA

From a daytime banker to a night-time baker, Viveshni Joseph has gone from strength to strength and is the face behind Madame Macaron SA. We caught up with the rising baker, based in sunny Durban, to chat about all things delectable and to conquer the art of making the perfect Macaron…


What started out as simple curiosity turned into a personal passion in making all things delicious for her close family and friends. Today Madame Macaron SA delivers nation-wide and grown into a household name even hosting Macaron classes for clients twice a month. Viveshni’s inspiration to join the baking world was born from watching TV, and in particular watching Masterchef Australia and the infamous Macaron Tower Challenge. She had never tried a Macaron before in her life and was dying to taste it. She went out the very next day and bought one and it was terrible! Left with a sense of disappointment and an unquenched curiosity, Viveshni began making her own and soon Madame Macaron was born.



Soon her passion grew and she found herself experimenting with different flavours and recipes she encountered along the way. To date her banana milkshake and dark choc macaroon fillings are her absolute favourite and she encourages readers to have fun and experiment with flavours. “I find that the biggest misconception with macarons is that people think that the colour determines the flavour and this is wrong. The Macaron shells are flavourless and it is just food colouring that creates the colours. Pink macarons are not strawberry flavoured! You have a blank canvas to work with so go wild with the fillings and experiment with different flavours. Try adding peanut butter or even Milo to the fillings for something unique,” says Viveshni.

Madame Macaron’s menu varies from decorative macarons to cakes and cake pops to cupcakes for all occasions. She has even invented some new creations of her own. She also offers clients a chance to subscribe to the Macaron of the Month box, which is a service that gets you a box of 12 macarons in the flavour of the month delivered to your door, every month. Sitting in the Ginja studio talking with Viveshni, you can see the passion and enthusiasm that she has for her craft and the delight in her ability to share her recipes with members of the public. “I pride myself in looking at people’s faces when they watch the ovens and see their macarons come to life and they are happy.” says Viveshni.


Her best piece of advice for someone who wants to become a better baker would be to never give up and to try bake as often as possible. “Sometimes you need to bake the same thing over and over until you get it just right,” says Viveshni.   Her passion for people and natural creativity is what makes Madame Macaron SA so unique, and her creations so irresistible. Her latest creation has received many orders and has caused quite the stir!

“It actually happened by accident,” says Viveshni with a laugh as she reveals the birth of Smackerons, her own personal creation which consists of  Macaron batter baked in cake pop mould filled with cream cheese and then smothered in melted chocolate. After all, some of the best things in life happen by accident.

We joined in the fun at a recent Macaron class to learn the tricks of the trade.



Top 5 Macaron Making Tips from Madame Macaron:

  1. Check that your oven is at the correct temperature and the best way would be to use an oven thermometer. This is a vital part of the process.
  1. Be sure that your almonds are ground and sifted fine enough. Large chunks of almond will rip through the shell and cause cracks.
  1. Stick to the recipe. Do not substitute, increase or decrease ingredients.
  2. Remember to age your eggs
  3. Do not overmix your batter

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For more information on Madame Macaron visit her site at Madame Macaron SA or follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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