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Vote Carvin for Coloured President!

Vote Carvin for Coloured President!

Tired of all the load shedding, e-tolling and constant funding of nkandla-katha, don’t fear South Africa, we have a new candidate in town- Carvin H Goldstone is here, and he’s running for President… COLOURED PRESIDENT! News correspondent by day, turn local funnyman by night, Carvin is one of Durban’s most hilarious and successful comedians, and he’s back in Jozi this week, trailing his campaign for COLOURED PRESIDENT!
Born and bred in Newlands East, a shot left from the Zulu Kingdom in KwaZulu-Natal, Carvin first ventured into the entertainment industry as a rapper for local group Remixd. After conquering SA, he toured Asia, the USA and England, before swopping out his lyrics to take to the stage as a solo comic act.  Known for his squeaky clean ‘No Swearing’ take to comedy, Carvin’s fresh approach and side-splitting lines have landed him sold out shoes in every city he visits. His hilarious family-friendly comedy shows entitled iBruino and No Swearing won him audiences across the country. Delving into the political sphere, Carvin shares his views on what South Africa would be like if it had a Coloured President.


We chat to Durban’s funnyman to find out all about the inspiration to his laugh-a-minute-life!

I first got into comedy… About nine years ago. At first I used to impersonate people and then others suggested I take it to the stage and I did!

My first stand-up show was… Probably before I started real comedy, back when I was at Technikon, someone asked me to tell jokes at a party. I was about 17 at the time, and didn’t do it again till I was about 22.

Stand up comedy to me is… A way to unleash my inner thoughts while at the same time making people laugh.

My material for my stand up shows come fromEveryday life, family, friends and regular people.

Do South Africans respond to humour well or are we an overly sensitive nation? It’s a mixture. Generally, we have a higher tolerance for offense than other counties. I noticed this when performing on the cruise ships. South Africans will let you push boundaries.
The recipe for comedy in SA is… It’s the same recipe for comedy everywhere. Prejudice. Whether it’s race, class or politics, making an audience feel superior to the subject is what usually gets people laughing. So often a comic will make himself the subject or some will make a politician that people generally don’t like the butt of a joke, that’s easy, my comedy is primarily observational and nostalgic. It’s a good mixture!
My favourite local comedian is … Trevor Noah, because he keeps writing and improving. I think people enjoy Trevor but don’t truly appreciate the genius of his work. As a comedy writer he almost always impresses me. But he’s everybody’s favourite. Another favourite is Donovan Goliath. A skill set is key to great comedy and Donovan has the best skill set on the scene, from accents, dancing, movement and physicality, his skill set may be even vaster than Trevor’s.
My favourite international comedian is… Jim Gaffigan, he talks about very ordinary everyday white American issues that should not relate to because they so far removed from my own everyday reality, ad yet I so do relate to him. That’s a skill. His comedy is cross cultural without attempting to be.
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My previous shows were…  To date I have done three one-man shows. ‘No Swearing’ was my first show in 2011, it was my celebration of my comedy career which has been a journey of no swearing. iBruino was my second show in 2012 and that was the test for me, where i though was ‘No Swearing’ a fluke? or was I really funny and will people come back, and they did! And now Coloured President is my biggest show to date with and international interest.
My upcoming shows are…
  • The Coloured President on 3 July at Emperors Palace. Tickets at Computicket.
  • Australia and New Zealand from 24 July to August 8.
  • I take on Port Elizabeth at the end of August
  • I visit Swaziland in September.
  • I tour the UK from the 6 October to 27 October, which is a 13 city tour with other UK comics.
  • I will be on the MSC Sinfonia Cruise ship for the whole of January and February 2016, with two shows a week so if anyone’s cruising then…You’ll be spending one of the nights with me on the ship.


You can follow Carvin H Goldstone on Facebook and @carvingoldstone on Twitter or visit Carvin.


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